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Motion Renders

A variety of clips and scenes showcases a broad range of skills and techniques used to produce photorealistic renders. Each clip and scene has been rendered out using either Blender 3D’s Cycles or EEVEE render engine.


Each scene and clip offers up something different to the last. The collection gives the viewer a comprehensive understanding of what skills and methods are on offer.

Motion Graphics

Utilising Blender 3D’s versatile internal physics engine, a range of motion graphics has been created.


To maintain speed during the creative process, EEVEE’s lightning-fast render engine has been implemented. This allows for a speedy and flexible workflow without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

VFX Elements

‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ is a feature film first broadcast on ‘Film4’. This production required the removal of modern-day elements.


A number of signs, satellite dishes, telegraph poles, etc have been removed using techniques such as motion tracking, match moving and the creation of digital plates.


Once the shots had been prepared, additional elements were added to evoke the period of 1844.

VFX Rig Removal

‘The Palace’ is a stop-motion animation I co-directed and produced. Much of the post-production is centred around rig removal of the main character.


With nearly every shot requiring some level of removal it is essential to create a fast workflow.


Implementing traveling masks and blank plates allows for a much faster process and overall a much better end product.

About Me


John Eyre, has a passion for film and still photography. Having received (as a gift) a VHS tape on the making of special effects, John became fascinated with film and never looked back.


John enrolled at Salford University to study for a BA (Hons) in Television and Radio, where he gained a wealth of knowledge in the film process and pursued his passion for film editing and narrative script writing.


After graduating, John moved to the capital to study for a BSc (Hons) in Special Effects Design at London South Bank University. During his four years at South Bank, John taught himself music production and audio engineering.


Upon his return to Manchester, and having gained an NVQ in photography, John began work as an art director and production designer. After working on various films, including ‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ (Film4), John co-directed and co-wrote the feature film ‘Faust’s Growth’, a short film ‘CACH€’ and a stop-motion animation ‘The Palace’.


NVQ in Still Photography, BSc (Hons) Special Effects Design & BA (Hons) Television & Radio.

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